A new exhibition is currently to see at the "Kaffeeschuppen" in Halle.

Such a complete statistics on the operation of the SC game, there were never! Just in Breisgau-Verlag
The SC Freiburg Encyclopaedia published.
(layout and typeset: Roland Heinrich)

Repeated winner in the 11st Water polo tournament is Club Cola. Here and at Katze are a few pictures ...

Every fifth child in Central Germany lives in poverty. An action of the Diakonie Mitteldeutschlands e.V. asks for your support.
(photo: Roland Heinrich)

The 2nd JAZZlive calendar is now published. Pictured memories of the TAKE 5 concerts in OBJEKT 5 in Halle (in size of 24x34 cm) for fair 14.80 euros.
(layout und photos: Roland Heinrich)

They are faded and sophisticated, despite everything, but always beautiful, they say: memories.
(photos: Roland Heinrich)

Just published is a publication of the Diakonie Mitteldeutschlands e.V.
(layout and nearly all photos: Roland Heinrich)